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The safety bolt PSENbolt consists of a mechanical bolt, handle and various combinable safety switches,which are based on different action principles. This removes the need for expensive in-house engineering. On the one hand the safety bolt meets the highest requirements for defeat and manipulation protection.

Safety bolt PSENbolt – Benefits to you

  • Reduced development and installation expense
  • Cost-effective solution comprising safety switch, handle and bolt
  • Simple combination of up to 2 switches
  • Long service life thanks to mechanical protection and rugged material
  • Maximum protection against manipulation and defeat – thanks to RFID transport technology and coded safety switch PSENcode
  • Locking pin protects the bolt from closing unintentionally
Features of the safety bolt

  • Complete solution of door handle and safety switches
  • Matched to the products PSENcode compact design and PSENmech
  • Pre-emptive bolt
  • Versions with escape release
  • Fit padlocks to prevent mechanical locking of the door
Secure safety gate monitoring with the safety bolt PSENbolt
The safety bolt PSENbolt is ideally suitable for difficult-to-adjust safety gates as well as safety gates that are exposed to heavy vibration. The safety bolt is also ideal for areas in which safety gates are often opened and closed again. Various safety gate applications can be safeguarded using the safety bolt PSENbolt, depending on the action principle of the applied safety switch:

Mechanical safety switch PSENmech (PSEN me1): The increased extraction force of the PSENmech stops the safety gate being opened unintentionally thanks to process guarding.
Magnetic safety switch PSENmag 1.4: PSENmag offers a cost-effective solution where requirements for protection against manipulation and defeat are less stringent.

Coded safety switch PSENcode: Guarantees you the highest level of manipulation occupying minimum space by transmission of a unique code from the actuator to the switch (key lock principle).
Combination of PSENmech (PSEN me1) and PSENcode: PSENmech stops unintentional opening thanks to process guarding. PSENcode offers maximum manipulation protection up to PL e of EN ISO 13849-1 / SIL CL 3 of EN/IEC 62061.

Safety bolts PSENbolt
Combinations are possible with the magnetic safety switch PSENmag, the coded safety switch PSENcode and / or the mechanical safety switch PSENmech. Why not give it a go!

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