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Drager GS01 (nirkabel)

GS01 is a wireless infrared gas transmitter for continuous monitoring of flammable gases and hydrocarbon vapors in the oil and gas industry. This intrinsically safe SIL standard transmitter presents signal transmission and a fully wireless power supply. This makes GS01 a flexible and cost-effective solution for plant expansion, upgrading projects, and construction of new facilities from scratch. Detektor Gas

The benefits

Installation in difficult conditions
On offshore platforms or FPSOs, in tank fields and oil refineries - safety measurement points are everywhere in the oil and gas industry. Some of these measurement points are very difficult or even impossible to monitor using a wired gas detection device. In contrast, the GS01 wireless transmitter does not require wiring in its installation, both for signal transmission and power supply. Thus, installation is easy, uncomplicated, and the transmitter can send the signal to the access point up to 500 meters.
The electrical cable piping system is not required for power supply or signal transmission. In addition, GS01-EA product variants with separate antennas can be installed in machines or buildings where signal transmission is blocked by shielding.
For temporary applications, such as in maintenance work in petrochemical plants or exploration drilling, GS01 provides maximum flexibility. This tool can be easily integrated with existing security features. Even technically complex installations, such as rotating towers at the FPSO, can be done without hassles.

Save time and costs during the project
With GS01, project costs can be reduced significantly when compared to wired installations; for example, installation costs are usually reduced by 60 to 80%. Wireless communication and battery power reduce the need for cables, junction boxes and control cabinets. On-site installation work is greatly reduced because this device can be pre-configured. In addition, system planning, configuration, and documentation are minimal.
This is all possible thanks to the GS01 smart design. This transmitter uses less than 5 milliwatts of power. This means that depending on environmental conditions, this device can operate for up to 2 years without requiring battery replacement. The intrinsically safe design allows the battery pack to be replaced easily even in dangerous areas.

Secure wireless communication
SIL01-capable GS01 uses the ISA100.11a wireless standard for wireless communication. The big benefit of this object-based standard is the ability to embed foreign protocols, including the SILFI PROFIsafe certified security protocol. If this standard is combined with the patented SafeWireless ™ GasSecure communication concept for sending fast and safe measurement data, this will facilitate the integration of GS01 into safety instrumented systems (SIS) with a complete SIL2-capable signal chain. In addition, the open standard ISA100.11a supports the ease of integration of other field devices into wireless networks.
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