Rotork YTC YT-320 Volume Booster
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18 Feb 2020
Korea South
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Specification of

Volume booster relay, YT-320 is used in pneumatic control valve which receives positioner’s output signal and supply air pressure actuator to reduce response and adjusting time. Control Valve

Volume booster relay, YT-300 / 305 / 310 / 315 / 320 / 325, is used in pneumatic control valve which receives the output pressure signal from positioner and supply air pressure to actuator to reduce opening and closing time of the valve.

  • Supplies constant air pressure at the rate of 1:1.
  • By-passing control enhances safety of control valve.
  • Response to slight changes in input signal, which increases accuracy of output of air pressure to actuator.
  • Built-in 100 mesh screen filters dusts in the air.
Main Features and Functions

➢ Provides pneumatic pressure with stable 1:1 pressure ratio, excellent speed and accuracy.
➢ By-pass control enhances safety of the control valve operation.
➢ Sensitive response to small input changes of the positioner to deliver accurate and fast output to
the actuator.
➢ SIL2 certified.(For more information, see SIL Safety Instruction on homepage)

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