Rotork TMP-3000 Smart Positioner

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28 Mar 2023
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Specification of Rotork TMP-3000 Smart Positioner

TMP-3000 valve stroke, according to input signal of 4~20mA being delivered from controller.

  • Interchangeable fail action
  • Near zero consumption level
  • LCD display with backlight
  • Feedback signal
  • 4 buttons for local control
  • Simple mounting
  • Auto calibration
Product Description

The TMP-3000 Smart Positioner not only precisely controls the valve opening according to the
electric input signal from the controller or the central control room, but also performs the auto
calibration by the computation action of the built-in high performance microprocessor and PD control.
It is a highly reliable positioner that performs various powerful functions such as optimum control.

Main Features and Functions

➢ In case of Fail Freeze optional product, it maintains the current valve position without any
additional equipment such as lockup valve or solenoid valve in case of power supply failure.
➢ Back light function LCD is attached so you can check the status of the positioner directly in the
➢ Four adjustment buttons and unique functions of the buttons are applied in the same way
throughout the firmware, so it is very easy to use.
➢ The initialization time is very short, which minimizes the change of valve stroke in case of
temporary power failure and improves system stability.
➢ Very strong against vibration and can be used in extremely high vibration areas.
➢ The change in supply pressure during use has almost no effect on the adjustability of the
➢ Auto calibration is very simple, so first time users can handle the product easily.
➢ Compact size makes it easy to attach to small actuators.
➢ Very low air consumption which allows large plants to reduce their operating costs.
➢ The valve system can be stabilized by outputting an analog feedback signal.
➢ Different valve characteristics can be adjusted – Linear, Quick Open, Equal Percentage, and
User Set which user can make 5 points or 21 points characterizations.
➢ You can minimize valve leakage by setting the sealing function of Tight Shut-Off / On.
➢ Half-interval control (Split Range) is available such as 4 ~ 12mA and 12 ~ 20mA etc..
➢ You can change Zero and Span freely through Hand Calibration function.
➢ By manual operation, valve can be operated arbitrarily irrespective of input signal, so it is easy to
judge whether or not there is an abnormality of valve.
➢ Ingress protection of IP67.
➢ The product's enclosure is made of a material with excellent chemical resistance and moisture
resistance, so it can be used stably for a long time even in a corrosive atmosphere.
➢ The internal structure is very simple and modular, so there is little possibility of failure and
maintenance is simple.
➢ It is equipped with a foreign material prevention filter which is easy to maintain.
➢ Flow rate can be selected according to actuator size.
➢ Solenoid valve with superior durability of over 200 million cycles.
➢ Non-contact potentiometer has permanent wear resistance.
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