Drager Pulsar Seri 7000 - Detektor Gas

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02 May 2023
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Specification of Drager Pulsar Seri 7000 - Detektor Gas

Drager Pulsar 7000 Series

Dräger Pulsar 7000 Series is a stationary open path detector to detect explosive hydrocarbons in gas and steam. Robust design and very fast response times make the Dräger Pulsar 7000 Series a reliable solution for your needs in the oil and gas industry, as well as in the chemical industry. Gas Detector

The benefits

Reliable and fast measurement
The Pulsar 7000 series detects various types of gas hydrocarbons. This includes methane, propane and ethylene. The accumulation of these gases in critical concentrations can be measured from distances of up to 200 meters in two seconds. Status LEDs on the transmitter and receiver indicate the readiness of the operation of the associated device. Continuous self-monitoring provides additional security. If the signal strength is inadequate, due to dirty optics or other non-operational critical interference, a configurable alarm signal will be active to indicate the need for maintenance. However, the system remains ready to use and can continue to detect gas. In addition to increasing the readiness of operations, the benefits are obtained because it can plan maintenance so as to avoid unexpected downtime. The Pulsar 7000 series is suitable for applications related to security up to SIL 2.

Reliable even in bad weather conditions

Reliability is guaranteed not only during ideal weather conditions. To deal with fog, drizzle, heavy rain or snow, the Pulsar 7000 Series has a mode with increased blinking and light intensity. Thus, the increase in infrared absorption arising from environmental factors can be compensated. In addition, the heated optical part prevents dew formation or ice formation on the lens.

Documented security - integrated protocols and data

The integrated data logger stores the latest errors, warnings and events. This includes, for example, events such as obstruction of signal paths, gas alarms, warning signals, and problems with alignment or supply voltage. The data logger is provided with an hourly log of the value measured at the time. This includes important data such as gas readings, signal strength, and temperature, which are available for the last ten weeks of operation. Even after that, information is available as a weekly summary for the last ten years of operation.

The right model for every job

The Pulsar 7000 series provides models suitable for a variety of applications. The offshore model is equipped with stainless steel junction boxes and cable line protectors. This makes it very tough and able to deal with poor environmental conditions. You can use the channel seat model to detect gas collection in the supply or exhaust line. The system is specifically designed for shaft installation.
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