Drager Polytron 7000

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03 Dec 2021
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Specification of Drager Polytron 7000

Dräger Polytron 7000

Dräger Polytron 7000 is basically a safe gas detector for continuous monitoring of toxic gases and oxygen. With a unique modular design and total flexibility: Dräger Polytron 7000 is a universal transmitter that can meet all toxic and oxygen measurement applications in one platform. SIL 2 Agreement guarantees that there are no unknown failures.

The benefits

Easy operation
Dräger has developed a simple and structured Polytron 7000 software menu in collaboration with its customers. The large graphic display shows status information with the help of bright icons and text, and guides users throughout calibration and configuration.

Remote sensor
With the Polytron 7000 remote sensor adapter and leads, we can install sensors up to 30 meters from the polytron 7000 transmitter. This allows users to read and operate the transmitter from a safe area, or detect toxic gas or oxygen levels when it is difficult to reach the area, while still being able to see and configure Polytron 7000 from a convenient location. The channel fitting equipment allows the remote sensor to be installed directly in the work of the rising pipe.

Relay module
Dräger Polytron 7000 can be equipped with a relay module. With two gas alarm relays, and one failure alarm relay, the transmitter can be used as a gas detector only without the need for a controller; or an alarm device can be activated locally thereby saving costs in wiring to and from the controller. Analog signals can still be transmitted back to the controller if desired. (Not suitable for use in dangerous areas)

Superior sensor
Dräger Polytron 7000 can detect more than 100 different gases. DrägerSensors is specifically designed for operating demands 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The wide size of DragerSensor provides a long service life. The installed sensor data memory contains all relevant gas and calibration information, together with the temperature on the board and pressure compensation giving DragerSensor unmatched measurement performance. This allows Polytron 7000 to receive pre-calibration sensors, and with minimal operator intervention, Dräger Polytron 7000 is a transmitter that requires almost no maintenance.

Software Options
With three software dongles, various functions are combined into a transmitter that sets it to the user or application-specific requirements. With the sensor testing dongel, Dräger Polytron 7000 conducts several different patent sensor tests to ensure the reliability and functionality of the sensor and the gas detection system. With the new diagnostic function (including sensor testing), operational demands and remaining sensor usage time will be estimated so that maintenance and exchange schedules can be made. Data and event saving options are integrated into the data dongle. This will save value and activities like alarms and warnings. Data can be downloaded to the PDA m515-Ex via the IR interface and evaluated on a PC with Dräger GasVision software or by pressing a button, a 15-minute concentration history is shown on the transmitter screen.
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