Drager Polytron® 6100 EC WL - Detektor Gas

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02 May 2023
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Specification of Drager Polytron® 6100 EC WL - Detektor Gas

Drager Polytron® 6100 EC WL

Dräger Polytron 6100 EC WL is a wireless transmitter for continuous monitoring of oxygen & toxic gases. This intrinsically safe SIL2 standard transmitter presents signal transmission and fully wireless power supply. The internal battery package makes the transmitter able to continue operating for up to 24 months. This makes Polytron 6100 a flexible and cost-effective solution for expansion, upgrading and installation of new plants. Gas Detector

The benefits

Don't need cabling? No problem!
Is the financial, technical, or time-consuming aspect of installing transmitter cables too high? So Dräger Polytron 6100 EC WL is the ideal complement to your fixed gas detection system. The challenge of the measurement task in the loading or revised area really matches the advantages of the wireless gas detection transmitter. Polytron 6100 EC WL is also suitable for use in factory areas, which require mobile solutions, are difficult to reach, or do not have infrastructure. Wireless detection reduces the burden of your planning while still providing the same level of security as a wired transmitter. Polytron 6100 EC WL meets SIL2 standards and has been approved for measurement technology.

Measure and send data wirelessly - safe and reliable as usual

The ISA100.11a industrial wireless standard guarantees safe measurement transmission. Together with the PROFIsafe protocol, this standard guarantees the SIL2 capabilities of your system. Inside the Polytron 6100 EC WL is DrägerSensor, which has been proven and optimized for industrial applications, including 140 types of hazardous gases.

Easy installation and operation

With the PolySoft software solution, you can easily access the Polytron 6100 EC WL through the Bluetooth® interface on a tablet, laptop, or desktop PC that is protected from an explosion in the workshop. Data and records of transmitter events can be easily recorded and reviewed for monitoring and audit purposes. You can use the Dräger Polytron 8100 EC accessory for the Polytron 6100 EC WL - from pipe fitting to weather protection. Because of this capability, the possibilities for installation and application are truly endless. The integrated LED, which can be seen remotely, shows the status of the live signal, noise, alarm, and Bluetooth® interface. This ensures that you can identify the status of the tool at any time.
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